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Active Directory infrastructure Exam 1

Active Directory infrastructure Exam 2

Active Directory infrastructure Exam 3

Active Directory infrastructure Exam 4

Active Directory infrastructure Exam 5


Tutorial 1:
Introduction to Windows 2000 (FOR DOWNLOAD)

Tutorial 2:
Introduction to Active Directory

Tutorial 3:
Active Directory Administration Tasks and Tools

Tutorial 4:
Implementing Active Directory

Tutorial 5:
DNS and Active Directory Integration





Welcome to my Resource on M$ Exam 70-217 i.e Implementing and Administering Active Directory Services. This is the fourth site that corresponds to the four core subjects of the MCSE program: my other sites are:

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows 2000 Server

Network Infrastructure

I found this exam abit easy but I guess after doing Network Infrastructure you will find anything easy. Anyway just go through your groups, GPO's, Nestings and everything will be just fine. Also try and understand these concepts of AD since you will need them while doing Exam 70-219: Designing AD.

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As I said in my other sites, I was supposed to start an unpaid attachment this month, however (dont you just like that word) due to any of the following: World Cup, Laziness, fear of outside world (outsidophobia) and others I have only been to two interviews. I also haven't done my Network+ so one of the companies was abit shocked that I was looking for a job. This means that I now have to do my Comptia N+! "La evita belle" or something like that?

Also I am starting SQL Server 2000 very soon and I haven't the faintest idea what it is all about, I tried downloading it from M$ websites (i am a 56k user) and i realised that downloading it would mean bankruptcy via telephone bills. Any helpers?

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